Jazz Mafia, Realistic Orchestra - Orchestral Explorations (2023)

  • 16 Dec, 10:36
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Title: Orchestral Explorations
Year Of Release: 2023
Label: JM Collective Recordings
Genre: Acid Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Latin Jazz
Quality: FLAC (tracks)
Total Time: 36 min
Total Size: 254 MB

Dive into the sonic time capsule with Jazz Mafia's Orchestral Explorations series. Born from the clandestine brilliance of Treat Social Club, our experimental performance haven tucked away in SF's Mission district from 2012-2015, these recordings unveil a chapter of rich musical innovation.

Picture this: a select few, gathered for an invite-only soirée, witnessing a 20-piece Jazz orchestra weaving through live film-scores and psychedelic projections. The stage came alive with collaborations — dancers, actors, comedians and the spectacle of world-class cirque performers…even violinists soaring overhead.
These secret sessions, now unsealed from our vault, capture the raw energy of those unforgettable nights. Realistic Orchestra, with its power and finesse, seems to transcend time. Whether grooving to contemporary beats or reliving the enchantment of a decade past, this is creativity on a grand scale.

Produced by musical director Adam Theis, much attention was paid to keeping the raw/in the moment urgency of these performances. Chris Fletcher, a stalwart in the Jazz Mafia family, worked his magic in the studio. Mixing and mastering these recordings, he not only preserved the essence of those live performances but added a sprinkle of studio fairy dust, turning each track into a thumping reality.

The hunger for large-scale creativity has never been more palpable, and now, the time has come to unleash the force of Orchestral Explorations. Get ready to be transported across time and space, as Realistic Orchestra's sonic journey breaks free, here and now.

Bandleader: Adam Theis

Travis Sullivan - alto sax
Chris Sullivan - Alto sax
Tommy Occhiuto - alto sax
Jason Gillenwater - tenor sax
Teddy Raven - tenor sax
Evan Mickas - Tenor sax
Doug Rowan - bari sax
Adam Theis - trombone
Jason Thor - trombone
Jamie Dubberly - bass trombone
Ryan Black - bass trombone
Neil Levonius - lead trumpet
Mike Olmos - trumpet
Joel Behrman- trumpet
Joel Ryan - trumpet
Colin Hogan - keys
Matt Wong - keys
Tommy Folen - electric bass
Sam Bevan - upright bass
Jon Monahan -guitar
Eric Garland - drums
Shaina E - violin
Dan Neville - percussion

1.01 - Jazz Mafia - Elbow Biting (5:04)
1.02 - Jazz Mafia - Sirens (5:51)
1.03 - Jazz Mafia - Stay (Orchestral Version) (5:09)
1.04 - Jazz Mafia - Space Suite, Pt. 1: The Big Bang (7:10)
1.05 - Jazz Mafia - Space Suite, Pt. 2 (5:21)
1.06 - Jazz Mafia - Space Suite, Pt. 3 (3:28)
1.07 - Jazz Mafia - Treachery (4:57)