Søren Bebe Trio - Echoes (2019) [Hi-Res]

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Title: Echoes
Year Of Release: 2019
Label: From Out Here Music
Genre: Contemporary Jazz, Post-Bop
Quality: FLAC (tracks) 24/96
Total Time: 45:14
Total Size: 844 MB


1. Echoes 04:43
2. Waltz for Steve 03:51
3. Winx 05:07
4. Homeward 04:29
5. Kærlighedstræet 04:26
6. Jeg er træt og går til ro 04:07
7. Alba 04:24
8. Alone 03:39
9. New Beginning 05:22
10. Sospiri, Op.70 05:06

Søren Bebe - Piano
Kasper Tagel - Bass
Anders Mogensen - Drums

Bebe's compositions are distinguished by their seriousness. This severity seems to be associated with the tide, with the transition from drizzle to storm, hurricane winds, typhoons and natural disasters. Man, as follows from the message, is just a toy, a device in the midst of unbridled nature, not acting, but simply waiting. The injustice of life must be tolerated. The trio's game is epically extensive, enriched with classic connections.
Even the lyrically exuberant "Kærlighedstræet" remains solemn. Some sound sequences resemble deep sighs. Others contain crying. Gray and black are the colors accompanying the music. The deeply overcast gray November sky suggests what we are hearing.
In "Jeg er træt og går til ro" we are talking about ice, snow, cold, short days, little sunlight, such an impression arises when you consider melodic lines and harmonies. But the hope for light, for the ice drift and spring shines here and there, especially in the well-staged, beautiful solo by Kasper Tagel and the sound cascades that Bebe brings.
The composition "Alba" (S.Bebe) radiates a wide and extensive look. Perhaps the view of the Skakerrag, where the waves of the North Sea meet the waves of the Baltic Sea, is captured with music, or maybe a long walk along the beach in the intense December cold. Like the paintings of the Danish symbolists, a moment of loneliness and longing arises when you follow melodic lines in which there are no excesses, but there is a certain linearity.
A certain Nordic introversion is also present in "Alone", even if this composition still follows at least the Grigian pattern, but it is full of life in the truest sense of the word, if you follow Bebe's keyboard playing.
Finally, a few words about "New Beginning": there are drums at the beginning of the piece. We hear a nervous, if restrained, tapping on brass instruments before Bebe puts his fingers on the keys, punctuated by pauses and a short stream. The bass creaks a little. None of the three musicians speaks loudly. The melodic flow develops gradually. We definitely notice the drive and speed. The surge of impulses, the desire to move forward and the search for new shores are signaled musically. Drummer Anders Mogensen plays a key role in the style of the piece. This sets the trend without any eruptions, which represent a "new beginning".