Foreign Affair Trio - Sous Le Vent (2024)

  • 09 Apr, 11:42
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Title: Sous Le Vent
Year Of Release: 2024
Label: Zoho Music LLC
Genre: Jazz, Latin Jazz
Quality: FLAC (tracks)
Total Time: 57:02
Total Size: 57:02


1. Prelude X (07:37)
2. Pasilleando (feat. Luis Bonilla) (05:46)
3. NY Minute (08:34)
4. One Step Behind (feat. Jean-Lou Treboux) (04:48)
5. Johnny Come Lately (feat. Xavier Paternot) (06:21)
6. Sous Le Vent (feat. Jean-Lou Treboux) (04:13)
7. Amazonas (06:33)
8. Bye Bye Brasil (feat. Luis Bonilla) (07:07)
9. Gabriela (05:59)


Hector Martignon - piano
Eduardo Dudú Penz - e-bass
Raphael Nick - drums


Luis Bonilla - trombone
Jean-Lou Treboux - vibraphone
Xavier Paternot - flute

There are no two cities more dissimilar and difficult to compare than New York and Geneva. Even both cities’ proximity to large, important bodies of water fail at close examination: New York’s mighty Hudson and the stormy Atlantic, versus Geneva’s tranquil Rhone and the peaceful and majestic Lake of Leman share little beyond their constituent molecule, H2O. If anything, then New York City’s mountains of glass and concrete called skyscrapers, competing in awesomeness and daring with the towering Alpine peaks surrounding Geneva.

And still, commuting between both cities for the last 15 years or so, to visit my daughter Leticia and her children in Geneva, I saw a musical home flourish and thrive in both cities, to which this CD offers the finest testament.

Having worked with Raphael Nick in several Afro-Cuban-tinged projects and enjoying his versatility and virtuosity, we decided to join forces whenever I would come to Switzerland. It was he who brought amazing Brazilian bass-virtuoso Dudú Penz to the mix and, voilà!, a magic recipe was ready to cook.