Christopher Hoffman - Vision Is the Identity (2024)

  • 14 Apr, 10:23
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Title: Vision Is the Identity
Year Of Release: 2024
Label: Out of Your Head Records
Genre: Jazz
Quality: 16-bit/44.1kHz FLAC
Total Time: 24 min
Total Size: 144 MB

Based on Christopher Hoffman’s established association with Henry Threadgill’s Zooid, as well as the cellist’s bird-of-a-feather 2021 release Asp Nimbus, listeners might understandably have certain expectations of the way Vision is the Identity would sound. Hoffman would like to have a word with those expectations. The cellist’s latest steamrolls all of them with a strong electronic music influence and a focused, driven, rhythmic attitude. Melodically, the ensemble throws out some feints and misdirects, but more often than not, it lands right near the spot it had pointed to at the outset. Hoffman’s core is a trio with keyboardist Frank LoCrasto and drummer Bill Campbell, but adds some nifty guest appearances by Henry Threadgill, Anna Webber, Ryan Scott, and Alfredo Colón (on wind instruments, guitar, and EWI respectively).

Christopher Hoffman - cello, electric cello, drum programming & synth
Frank LoCrasto - keyboards
Bill Campbell - drums

Henry Threadgill - alto saxophone (track 2)
Ryan Scott - guitar (tracks 2 & 6)
Anna Webber - flute (track 5)
Alfredo Colón - EWI (track 7)

1.01 - Christopher Hoffman - Cloudbuster (3:43)
1.02 - Christopher Hoffman, Henry Threadgill - What Comes (feat. Henry Threadgill) (4:12)
1.03 - Christopher Hoffman - Think From (4:00)
1.04 - Christopher Hoffman - It Is Done (2:58)
1.05 - Christopher Hoffman, Anna Webber - Better & Better (feat. Anna Webber) (2:51)
1.06 - Christopher Hoffman, Ryan Scott - Narc Drop (feat. Ryan Scott) (2:32)
1.07 - Christopher Hoffman, Alfredo Colón - Farewell Forever (feat. Alfredo Colón) (4:04)