Organic Pulse Ensemble - A Thousand Hands (2023) [Hi-Res]

  • 15 May, 12:59
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Title: A Thousand Hands
Year Of Release: 2023
Label: 2 Headed Deer
Genre: Spiritual Jazz, Free Jazz, Ethio Jazz, World Fusion
Quality: 16-bit/44.1kHz FLAC; 24-bit/44.1kHz FLAC
Total Time: 46 min
Total Size: 297; 533 MB

This album fuses the intensity of free jazz , with the meditative and mystical feeling of the spiritual approach of the genre . The lengthier timing of the tracks provides the musician the chance to explore different paths in terms of composition , on many occasions focusing on the music progression on each track , containing his perfectionist zeal and accepting the value of leaving some of the mistakes and rough edges which we consider to be a very important addition in terms of personality and originality to the work. Gustav keeps pushing the boundaries of the form by incorporating influences from ethiojazz to eastern sounds , all of it in an amazing organic way that makes it hard to believe all the composition and performance come from a single artist.

“ A thousand hands, raised in joyful dance. You can shake the weight of the world, just dance! “

1.01 - Organic Pulse Ensemble - For All The Other Places (6:59)
1.02 - Organic Pulse Ensemble - The Damn Thing (4:30)
1.03 - Organic Pulse Ensemble - 7 Outta 8 (7:46)
1.04 - Organic Pulse Ensemble - Dimma (4:35)
1.05 - Organic Pulse Ensemble - A Thousand Hands (10:00)
1.06 - Organic Pulse Ensemble - Searching For The Sushi (5:31)
1.07 - Organic Pulse Ensemble - The Beckoning (7:06)