Organic Pulse Ensemble - The Light Comes Black (2020) [Hi-Res]

  • 15 May, 13:04
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Title: The Light Comes Black
Year Of Release: 2020
Label: Urban Waves Records
Genre: Spiritual Jazz, Free Jazz
Quality: 24-bit/44.1kHz FLAC
Total Time: 38 min
Total Size: 467 mb

Organic Pulse Ensemble our Swedish "One Man Ensemble" is back with a beautiful album. "The Light Comes Black" is an ode to the ominous season of Winter in the northern parts of the globe specially around January in this time of year when days and nights blend together in a long period of darkness. It's also about the time when the light comes back along with life and nature reviving in Spring.
The album tells a story about that cycle, first the sun descending marks the beginning of the long dark. As we step further into Winter we're given time to reflect on the Mighty Cold coming from the north.
Later filled with hope and joy we See The Sun Rise, that moment when darkness goes away and birds start singing again. The Light Comes Black was inspired by that special feeling in your heart when you finally see sun light again and it feels like being reborn. When you live in those parts of the world this is a cycle and it becomes more than just a phenomenon it's also a way of life.

1.01 - Organic Pulse Ensemble - Descending (3:52)
1.02 - Organic Pulse Ensemble - Long Time of Darkness (6:16)
1.03 - Organic Pulse Ensemble - Mighty Cold (5:26)
1.04 - Organic Pulse Ensemble - Ascending (4:12)
1.05 - Organic Pulse Ensemble - See the Sun Rise (4:10)
1.06 - Organic Pulse Ensemble - Reinvigoration (5:04)
1.07 - Organic Pulse Ensemble - First BBQ (3:50)
1.08 - Organic Pulse Ensemble - Midnight Sun (5:34)