Carlomagno Araya - Claude Bolling Goes Latin-Suite for Flute and Latin Music Ensemble (feat. Latin Music Ensemble) (2024) Hi-Res

  • 05 Jun, 21:02
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Title: Claude Bolling Goes Latin-Suite for Flute and Latin Music Ensemble (feat. Latin Music Ensemble)
Year Of Release: 2024
Label: Drumit Records
Genre: Classical, Jazz
Quality: FLAC (tracks) / FLAC 24 Bit (48 KHz / tracks)
Total Time: 34:22 min
Total Size: 191 / 392 MB


01. Baroque and Blue (feat. Jorge Glem,Ernesto Laya & Latin Music Ensemble)
02. Sentimentale (feat. Latin Music Ensemble)
03. Javanaise (feat. Jorge Glem,Ernesto Laya & Latin Music Ensemble)
04. Fugace (feat. Latin Music Ensemble)
05. Irlandaise (feat. Latin Music Ensemble)
06. Versatile (feat. Latin Music Ensemble)
07. Veloce (feat. Latin Music Ensemble)

The new album, "Claude Bolling Goes Latin: Suite for Flute & Latin Music Ensemble" by Carlomagno Araya & José Valentino reinterprets Claude Bolling's "Suite for Flute and Jazz Trio" by blending a diverse array of musical genres from Ibero-America and beyond with Bolling's original jazz and classical elements, creating a rich, multicultural auditory experience.

In the piece titled "Baroque", the energetic rhythms and harp-like sounds of the Venezuelan Joropo introduce a lively, folkloric vibe, complementing the Baroque sophistication. This is enhanced by the playful and rhythmic Cuban Cha cha, infusing the piece with vibrant, syncopated energy. The addition of the festive Costa Rican Parrandera lends a communal, celebratory spirit, amplifying the lively atmosphere of the composition.

"Sentimentale" explores the emotional depths of the Bolero with its slow, smooth tempo that emphasizes romance and sentimentality, paired beautifully with the soft, samba-infused rhythm of the Brazilian Bossa Nova, adding a layer of suave sophistication.

The "Javanaise" piece merges the sensuous Bolero Rumba, blending the slow-tempo Bolero with the Afro-Cuban rhythms of Rumba, with the fast, joyful rhythm of Venezuelan Merengue. This contrast creates a dynamic interplay between the seductive dance rhythms and the quicker, joyous beats.

"Fugace" features the upbeat, sunny flavor of Caribbean Calypso, known for its Afro-Caribbean rhythms and festive vibe. This is balanced with the infectious energy of Brazilian Samba and the dynamic tempo of Mambo, which together emphasize the fleeting, quicksilver nature of the piece.

In "Irlandaise", the poignant and graceful Argentinian Zamba adds a layer of delicate, folk-driven emotion, offering a counterpoint to the suite's more vibrant movements.

"Versatile" revisits the adaptable and playful character of the Cha cha, highlighting the piece's versatility. It is complemented by the sophisticated, elegant Cuban Danzon, characterized by its slow, refined, and intricate rhythms, showcasing the music's adaptability.

Finally, "Veloce" is infused with the fast-paced, rhythmic Brazilian Baiao, adding earthy, energetic sounds that mirror the swift nature of the composition. The reintroduction of Brazilian Samba accentuates the rapid, jubilant qualities, reinforcing the 'swift'—Italian for 'Veloce'—aspect of the piece.

Through Dr. Araya's reimagined arrangements of Bolling's compositions and Dr. Valentino's flutistry, the album dialogues between the classical, jazz, and Afro-Latin folklore, inviting listeners to experience a seamless blend of tradition and innovation through the universal language of music.