Aseo Friesacher - Kaiju Project (2024) [Hi-Res]

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Title: Kaiju Project
Year Of Release: 2024
Label: Challenge Records
Genre: Jazz
Quality: FLAC (tracks) [96kHz/24bit]
Total Time: 1:00:58
Total Size: 1.17 GB / 373 MB


1. Kokin Choshi (07:08)
2. Koto Song (07:08)
3. Ringo Oiwake (06:33)
4. Legend of Ashitaka (04:52)
5. Unspoken Words (09:14)
6. Ryukyu Islands (06:29)
7. Akatonbo (04:55)
8. Kawa No Nagare (05:26)
9. Sakura (04:45)
10. Furusato (04:23)

The Kaiju Project is a Japanese inspired jazz group formed by the half Japanese-Austrian pianist Aseo Friesacher. Their initial idea was to bring old folk songs into a new modern context, but in addition to their compositions, this group has found their very own musical direction: a perfect blend of traditional Japanese music and meditative-creative jazz.

Aseo’s composition style is clearly rooted in Jazz, but with the use of traditional Japanese melodic elements and sounds, the music becomes very storytelling and gets a beautiful and mystic character. Also some famous soundtracks from the Ghibli movies and songs by the Japanese singer Hibari Misora, that Aseo has arranged for the band, are included in their repertoire.

The bandleader has had the vision for a long time to create this unique fusion of traditional Japanese music and Jazz in order to bring together the eastern and the western world. In fact, the meaning lies his name A-se-o, “亜為欧“: living for Asia and Europe.

The band went through a couple of changes in their formation but finally resulted in a dream team, featuring two Japanese musicians who bring the authentic sound to the band: Waka Otsu as the vocalist and Fuefuki Kana on Japanese flutes and silver flute. Furthermore there is the highly accomplished and respected ECM artist, drummer and percussionist Joost Lijbaart and the virtuosic and talented bassist Johannes Fend, who make the group complete. So far the Kaiju Project has toured in the Netherlands where most of the band members are based, they have performed in Germany and recorded their first album.