Reuben Lewis & Huda Fadlelmawla - Story of Another Soul (2024) [Hi-Res]

  • 18 Jun, 17:16
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Title: Story of Another Soul
Year Of Release: 2024
Label: Lion's Paw Recordings
Genre: electronic, experimental, jazz, spoken word, ambient
Quality: 16-bit/44.1kHz FLAC; 24-bit/48kHz FLAC
Total Time: 44 min
Total Size: 452; 205 MB

Black women we are hyper sensitive to the injustices of other people. Often we have the capacity to hold space for others but just because we can doesn’t mean we always should. This is the result of Western European epistemological, ontological and axiological civilisation that has cornered us into this shape, this form of hyper vigilance.

In 'Story of Another Soul' Huda the Goddess proclaims she is retiring from this role and it is a powerful act of resistance, disruption and liberation. The hanging up the boots of martyrdom is a very important process because it is the journey of self love, self respect and self knowing.

The conviction and oral dexterity that this wordsmith utters these truth through poetry is deliciously generous and wonderfully showcases her mastery of spoken word. Reuben Lewis’s music is the perfect soundtrack to enter into Huda’s mindscape and interiority of expansive themes, deep as the ocean, and longitudinal like stretches of endless desert.

'Story of Another Soul' is an irresistible and unforgettable album for its irrefutable honesty. It is a profound offering into the poetics of presence and stillness. Inviting the audience to be and to feel moved by the world seen and unseen and to in the spirit of reciprocity move the world from a place of cup overflowing where one’s wellbeing is prioritised first.

The album is a decolonial dreaming of new futures and we get a sense that this exercise is far from futile that it is indeed a necessity for our very existence. It is the love letter, the love dedication to humanity we so needed in these times.

1.01 - Reuben Lewis & Huda Fadlelmawla - When People Ask You (4:27)
1.02 - Reuben Lewis & Huda Fadlelmawla - Break (6:26)
1.03 - Reuben Lewis & Huda Fadlelmawla - That Hollow Wind (7:24)
1.04 - Reuben Lewis & Huda Fadlelmawla - These Stories (4:15)
1.05 - Reuben Lewis & Huda Fadlelmawla - The Type of Love (11:07)
1.06 - Reuben Lewis & Huda Fadlelmawla - Dress Ups (5:32)
1.07 - Reuben Lewis & Huda Fadlelmawla - Story of Another Soul (5:37)